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What percent of San Diego is white?


Also to know is, what is the racial makeup of San Diego?

The racial makeup of San Diego County was 1,981,442 (64.0%) White, 158,213 (5.1%) African American, 26,340 (0.9%) Native American, 336,091 (10.9%) Asian (4.7% Filipino, 1.6% Vietnamese, 1.4% Chinese, 0.8% Indian, 0.7% Korean, 0.6% Japanese, 0.2% Laotian, 0.2% Cambodian, 0.2% Thai, 0.5% Other Asian), 15,337 (0.5%)

Likewise, what percent of San Diego is Hispanic? They now make up 16.3 percent of the population, up from 14 percent in 2000. In San Diego County, the Hispanic population increased from 27 percent to 32 percent during the same period.

Also question is, how white is San Diego?


Is San Diego diverse?

No. San Diego’s minority communities make up a total of 55 percent of the population, and it ranks near the top in economic class diversity. Nearly one in three businesses is owned by a woman, and the median household income is $64,000, much higher than the national average of $53,000.


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