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What territory was open to slavery what territory was kept free of slavery?

In 1820, amid growing sectional tensions over the issue of slavery, the U.S. Congress passed a law that admitted Missouri to the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state, while banning slavery from the remaining Louisiana Purchase lands located north of the 36º 30′ parallel.

People also ask, what territory was open to slavery?

The Kansas-Nebraska act made it possible for the Kansas and Nebraska territories (shown in orange) to open to slavery. The Missouri Compromise had prevented this from happening since 1820.

Also Know, what territory was added to the free states? The 6 states created from the territory were all free states: Ohio (1803), Indiana (1816), Illinois (1818), Michigan (1837), Wisconsin (1848), and Minnesota (1858).

Slave and free state pairs.

Slave states North Carolina
Year 1789
Free states New York (Slave until 1799)
Year 1788

Furthermore, what did the South stand to gain as a result of the compromise What did they stand to lose?

The Southern states lost control of the House of Representatives because the population growth of these states was slower than the growth of the Northern states. New territories in the North also gave an advantage to free states in the Senate.

What changes did the Missouri Compromise bring to the map?

Congress devised a two part compromise. It granted Missouri statehood as a slave state and admitted Maine as a free state, restoring the political balance. It also drew an imaginary line west of the Mississippi and North of the 36 degrees 30 minutes latitude in which slavery would not be allowed after 1820.


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