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What was happening in France in the 1830s?

The French Revolution of 1830 was also known as the July Revolution, Second French Revolution or Trois Glorieuses in French. It saw the overthrow of King Charles X, the French Bourbon monarch, and the ascent of his cousin Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orléans (who would in turn be overthrown in 1848).


Beside this, what caused the rebellion in France in 1830?

The French Revolution of 1830, better known as the July Revolution, was triggered after Louis XVIII died, and his brother, Charles X, rose to power. He established the French Constitution that many citizens of France opposed. By that Thursday, the rebels gained control and forced Charles X to abdicate to Great Britain.

Also Know, what was happening in the 1830s? 1830. May 30, 1830: The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by President Andrew Jackson. The law led to the relocation of Native Americans which became known as the “Trail of Tears.” June 26, 1830: King George IV of England died and William IV ascended to the throne.

Furthermore, what was happening in Europe in the 1830s?

The Revolutions of 1830 were a revolutionary wave in Europe which took place in 1830. It included two “romantic nationalist” revolutions, the Belgian Revolution in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and the July Revolution in France along with revolutions in Congress Poland, Italian states, Portugal and Switzerland.

What was happening in France in the 1840s?

In France the revolutionary events ended the July Monarchy (1830–1848) and led to the creation of the French Second Republic. Following the overthrow of King Louis Philippe in February 1848, the elected government of the Second Republic ruled France. Louis Napoléon went on to become the de facto last French monarch.


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