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What was Wells Fargo before it was Wells Fargo?

1954: Wells Fargo & Union Trust shortened its name to Wells Fargo Bank. 1960: Wells Fargo merged with American Trust Company to form the Wells Fargo Bank American Trust Company. 1962: Wells Fargo American Trust again shortened its name to Wells Fargo Bank.

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Simply so, when did Wells Fargo begin?

March 18, 1852

Beside above, what was the scandal with Wells Fargo? The Wells Fargo account fraud scandal is an ongoing controversy brought about by the creation of millions of fraudulent savings and checking accounts on behalf of Wells Fargo clients without their consent. News of the fraud became widely known in late 2016 after various regulatory bodies, including the United States

In this way, who started Wells Fargo?

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Henry Wells William Fargo

Was Wells Fargo always a bank?

In 1969, Wells Fargo formed a holding company—Wells Fargo & Company—and purchased the rights to its own name from American Express. Although the bank always had the right to use the name for banking, American Express had retained the right to use it for other financial services.


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