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What will happen without friction?

Without friction, materials would have almost no resistance to shearing forces and the world would become a formless, homogeneous, featureless blob. Instantly. The only things that could cause variations on the planet would be gravity and the laws of thermodynamics.


Accordingly, what would happen if there was no friction?

If there is no friction then we cannot able to run all those machines in which friction play a crucial role. If there is no friction then we can’t push or pull. If there is no friction then we cannot generate energy ( heat energy, Thermal, Hydro, solar, wind all these energy) etc.

Similarly, what would be easier to do without friction? Without friction, energy transfer would be easier and stopping motion would be more difficult. If there was no friction, there would be no force slowing down motion when two objects rubbed against one another. Cars would not stop moving without friction.

People also ask, can you walk without friction?

You cannot walk at all if there is no horizontal component of the force of interaction between you and the ground; by this definition “no friction” is tantamount to “no ability to move horizontally”.

Can we stand without friction?

Then the answer becomes NO. One must push off the chair in order to stand. As soon as one pushes off a chair, one’s feet push of the floor and since the floor has no friction, a rotational motion of feet and legs would occur and standing up is not possible.


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