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Where are perimeter safety cables required on multi story structures?

On multistory structures, perimeter safety cables shall be installed at the final interior and exterior perimeters of the floors as soon as the metal decking has been installed. [Emphasis added.] This provision applies to the perimeters of “floors,” not roofs.

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Similarly, what are the requirements for working in a controlled decking zone?

Controlled Decking Zone (CDZ)

  • Be no more than 90 feet wide and 90 feet deep from any leading edge.
  • Not exceed 3,000 square feet of unsecured decking.
  • Have designated and clearly marked boundaries with control lines or the equivalent.
  • Have safety deck attachments placed from the leading edge back to the control line.

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Beside above, when making safety deck attachments in the controlled decking zone they must be performed from? Safety deck attachments shall be performed in the CDZ from the leading edge back to the control line and shall have at least two attachments for each metal decking panel. Final deck attachments and installation of shear connectors shall not be performed in the CDZ.

One may also ask, what is the maximum height a controlled decking zone can only be used as fall protection?

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between 15 and 30 feet

What must the controlling contractor include in the written notification?

Site Layout and Construction Sequence The controlling contractor must notify the steel erector in writing that this requirement has been met before authorizing commencement of steel erection. The controlling contractor also is required to provide the steel erector with a safe site layout.


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