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Where can read books online for free?

10 sites where you can read books online

  • Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is a mother of all ebook sites.
  • Internet Archive. Internet Archive, founded in 1996, is a non-profit organization offering free access to digital or digitized content: books, images, videos, or audio files.
  • Open Library.
  • Google Books.
  • Smashwords.
  • Blurb.
  • Scribd.
  • Wattpad.

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In respect to this, where can I read books for free app?

10 Top Free eBook Apps to Get millions of books

  1. Amazon Kindle. When we are talking of free eBook apps, there is no way we can miss out mentioning Kindle.
  2. Nook. This is one of the best free applications for reading books.
  3. Google play books. This is another popular app which is the default in android phones.
  4. Wattpad.
  5. Goodreads.
  6. Oodles eBook Reader.
  7. Kobo.
  8. Aldiko.

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Also, where can I read Malayalam books online for free? Originally Answered: What are some websites where you can find Malayalam books as a free download? From the mention of ‘Malayalam books‘ it’s not clear which is the category of books..

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Other sites to downlload eboooks related:

  • OpenLibrary.
  • ProjectGutenberg.
  • ManyBooks.
  • Bookboon.
  • LibriVox.
  • Slideshare.
  • Google docs.

Just so, where can I read short stories online for free?

Where to Find Free Short Stories Online

  • Narrative Magazine. Narrative Magazine is a free space for readers to enjoy some of the best short stories, essays, and poetry written by both established and emerging writers.
  • The New Yorker.
  • Electric Literature.
  • Wattpad.
  • Granta.
  • Lightspeed Magazine.
  • American Short Fiction.

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Is Kindle app free?

Yes, the Kindle reading app is free. You can put it on your smart phone or tablet. They give the app away, of course, so you will buy ebooks from them.


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