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Which wood species is best for flooring?

The best hardwood floors are made with wood species that are readily available and — you guessed it — very hard. Oak flooring, maple flooring and cherry flooring are all good choices. Other species include bamboo (which is actually a grass), walnut, ash and mahogany.


Consequently, what type of wood is the hardest for flooring?

When in doubt about the type of wood to select for your cabinetry, flooring, furniture or millwork project, refer to the Janka Rating System, which measures the relative hardness of woods. The hardest commercially available hardwood is hickory, and it is five times harder than aspen, one of the “soft” hardwoods.

One may also ask, what is the most durable type of flooring? Tests at Consumer Reports found porcelain tile to be the most durable type of flooring, resistant to scratches, dents, and moisture. It’s also very easy to clean. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile require very little maintenance, though other types need more.

People also ask, what is the most popular wood flooring?

Popular Wood Floors

  • Oak. Oak is one of the most durable species, with a tight, dark grain that works in almost any room.
  • Maple. The second most popular hardwood, maple has a predictable pattern and color with a hint of character.
  • Hickory.
  • Brazilian Cherry.
  • Bamboo.
  • Engineered Hardwood.
  • Distressed.
  • Hand-Scraped.

What is the most scratch resistant hardwood flooring?

The hardest and most scratchresistant species, such as ipe, cumaru and jatoba, come from the tropics, and they typically score 3,000 pounds or more. Domestic hardwoods and raw bamboo, on the other hand, are about half as hard.


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