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Who composed the song The Entertainer?


Similarly one may ask, how old is the song the entertainer?

The Entertainer (rag) “The Entertainer” is a 1902 classic piano rag written by Scott Joplin. It was sold first as sheet music, and in the 1910s as piano rolls that would play on player pianos. The first recording was by blues and ragtime musicians the Blue Boys in 1928, played on mandolin and guitar.

One may also ask, what instruments are used in the entertainer? Instrumentation for this recording is two trumpets, clarinet, piccolo, two violins, trombone, tuba, acoustic guitar, piano and drums (snare and bass).

Similarly, you may ask, when did the song The Entertainer come out?


Is the entertainer royalty free?

Re: Copyright status of ‘The Entertainer yup – the entertainer is 100% and absolutely public domain across all territories BUT be careful you dont use one of the arrangements from the 1970s – they are not public domain. Get the original published music from 1902.


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