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Who is Drake in Raptors?

Keeping this in consideration, why is Drake involved with the Raptors?

According to ESPN, the NBA “spoke” to the Raptors because of his “activity and presence on the sideline.” The conversation follows a warning the NBA gave Drake last year, when the Canadian had a confrontation with the former Cleveland Cavaliers player Kendrick Perkins.

Also, does Drake get a ring if the Raptors win? Jason Arasheben of Beverly Hills confirmed that Drake’s custom ring is valued at US$150,000 and has 30 carats of diamonds. Drake wasn’t the only superfan to get some new bling on Tuesday night. Nav Bhatia, who has been to every Raptors home game, also earned a championship ring for himself.

In this regard, does Drake have shares in the Toronto Raptors?

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The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Toronto Raptors have renamed their training facility to the OVO Athletic Centre as part of a new partnership with rap star Drake. Drake has been a global ambassador for the franchise since 2013 and leveraging his worldwide popularity to develop the Raptors‘ brand.

Who does Drake go for in NBA?

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