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Who raised Gabby Douglas?

Gabrielle Douglas was born in Newport News, Virginia and grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to parents Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins-Douglas. She has three older siblings: two sisters, Joyelle and Arielle, and one brother, Johnathan.

In respect to this, will Gabby Douglas go to the 2020 Olympics?

More: Olympics If any is to return for a Tokyo 2020 run, Douglas and Raisman showed in the last Olympic cycle that it helps to come back at least a year before the Games. Douglas has been largely silent on any possible comeback plans the last two years.

One may also ask, does Gabby Douglas still do gymnastics? Gabby Douglas has been away from gymnastics training for nearly one year now, her longest break since she took up the sport at age 6.

Also asked, did Gabby Douglas go to college?

Oak Park High School

Where was Gabby Douglas born and raised?

Newport News, Virginia, United States


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