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Who was pakhom How much land did he need at the end of the story how much land does a man need?

The Chief handed a spade to the servant for him to bury Pakhom. It ended up being only six feet of land that he needed, the length from his head to his feet in his grave.

Simply so, how much land does a man require summary?

Russian author Leo Tolstoy’s short story“How Much Land Does a Man Need?”(1886) focuses on Pakhom, a poor man who becomes fixated on the idea that his life would be perfect if only he owned more land. His obsession eventually consumes him; in his lust for land, he loses everything that actually matters in his life.

Additionally, how much land does a man need According to Tolstoy? Pahom buys forty acres of land and, according to his vow, he should have been content.

In respect to this, what does the story How much land does a man need focus on?

Answer Expert Verified It is a story by Leo Tolstoy and focuses on a man who wants to increase the amount of land he has so much that in the end he loses everything. He eventually dies and is buried in a very small grave which is kind of ironic considering the theme of the story.

How much land does a man need devil?

six feet


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