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Who was the leader of the Barbados revolt in 1816?

Bussa Rebellion (1816) The Bussa Rebellion was the largest slave revolt in the history of Barbados. The rebellion took its name from the African-born slave, Bussa, who led the uprising.

Furthermore, what caused the Barbados revolt of 1816?

The causes of the 1816 rebellion in Barbados are: 1. The British Slave Trade was abolished in 1807 and the slaves mistook it for emancipation. There was a register or enrollment measure or besides called the enrollment of slaves { 1812-1815 } in which plantation owners or proprietors had to register their slaves.

Secondly, what is Bussa real name? Case Study 2: Barbados (1816) – Bussa and Nanny Grigg. Very little is known about Bussa (also known as Busso or Bussoe). He was born a free man in Africa in the 18th century, captured and brought to Barbados as a slave.

Also question is, where did the Bussa Rebellion take place?

An African-born enslaved man called Bussa led the rebellion on Barbados. Very little is known about him, except that he was a ranger at the Bayley plantation in St Philip.

Who was Nanny Grigg?

Little is known about Nanny Grigg, other than she was valued at £130, which was expensive for an enslaved person. She worked at the Simmon’s plantation. She was a literate woman and knowledgeable about the Barbadian revolution. She was one of the senior enslaved people who helped to plan the uprising.


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