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Why are cats scared of cucumber?

Cats are afraid of cucumbers because…

It’s their natural reaction to anything that sneaks up on them without making any noise. Cats tend to be scared or wary of the unknown, as it could represent the danger of a predator, and in the case of a cucumber, a snake.


Thereof, why are cats scared of cucumbers and bananas?

Reports and videos of other fruits and vegetables scaring cats—including apples and bananas—reinforce the likelihood of this theory. Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist in southern California, explains that the cucumbers are triggering the cats‘ natural startle responses.

Also, what cats are afraid of? 7 Things Cats Are Irrationally Afraid Of In Addition To Those Menacing Cucumbers

  • Balloons. Giphy. Giphy.
  • Bananas. Giphy. Giphy.
  • Apples. Giphy. I mean, really, what would you do if you woke up to find two green apples on the bed beside you?
  • Turtles. Giphy. Giphy.
  • Vacuums. Giphy.
  • Water. Giphy.
  • Themselves. Giphy.

Beside this, do Cats Think cucumbers are snakes?

Cucumbers look enough like a snake to have the cat’s instinctive fear of snakes kick in.” This instinctive fear of snakes can cause cats to panic, he added. But don’t go trying to prank your cat with cucumber-shaped objects just yet. Scaring cats can have long-term effects on their mental health.

Can cats see color?

Some experts believe cats‘ “color vision is limited to blue and grays, while others believe it is similar to dogs’, but with less richness of hues and saturation of the colors,” Ketring said. Dogs see the world in fewer hues than humans do and cannot distinguish between red, yellow, green and orange objects.


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