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Why did Gus slits throat Breaking Bad?

He kills Victor because he tried doing Walt’s job for him. He showed a cockiness that Gus just did not like. By him taking the initiative and trying to say he was as good, as the greatest meth cook in the state (possibly country) he was spitting on Gus‘ choice of meth cook.


Similarly, it is asked, why did Gus warn Hank?

Who tipped Hank off before he was attacked in Breaking Bad season 3? Gus Fring tipped Hank off. Even though he did send the brothers to attack Hank in the first place, he warned Hank so that he would be aware of what’s going on and proceed to kill them, thus wrapping up a loose end.

who does Gus kill in the lab? In the present day, Walt’s partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) has just shot Gale to death on orders from Walt to foil Gus‘ plot to kill and replace them. Gus‘ henchman Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui) arrives at Gale’s apartment and finds him dead, surrounded by neighbors who have just called police.

Correspondingly, why did Gus replace Walt with gale?

Gus initially was skeptical of keeping Walter as a cook, because he felt Walter was too risky and undisciplined. Gus highly respected Walt and thus didn’t do anything to Jesse. Later, Walt manipulated Jesse into killing Gale, which obviously made Gus even more angry, as Gus wanted to kill off Jesse and hire Gale back.

Why does Gus trust Jesse?

He wanted Jesse to place his loyalty with him and to see Walt in the same way Gus saw him, as the enemy. Jesse was more loyal to Gus at that point. He saw greatness in Gus and felt a new admiration for him.


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