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Why did the spring not come to the giant’s garden?

The spring didn’t come in the garden of the Giant because of his selfish nature. He was very selfish and didn’t allow any children to come and play in his garden. It was because of this reason that Spring arrived in all the places leaving behind the Giant’s place.


Also to know is, what happened to the giant’s garden when the spring came?

Answer: There was still winter there instead of the spring. The birds didn’t care to sing in it, as there were no children and the trees forgot to blossom.

Additionally, why did the children like to play in the Giant’s garden? Ans: The Giant was self centred and wicked. He wanted his garden only for his own use. He broke the wall that he had constructed around his garden and allowed the children to play there. He regarded the children as the most beautiful flowers of all.

Also to know is, what made the spring finally visit the garden?

The childrens coming to the garden again to play, made the spring finally to visit in the garden. Giant was angry to see the children playing in his garden. He built a high wall around the garden so that the children could not come in.

When did spring start it still winter in the garden?

The winter in the garden indicates the absence of the children and the presence of the North Wind, Hail and the Frost. When the children were not in the garden, the trees fell gloomy, saplings hid underground and the fruits didn’t bear. The only ones who were happy were the North Wind, Hail and the Frost.


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