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Why do we have a first year anniversary?

The first year of marriage is often considered the year of adjustment. As you celebrate this special 1st wedding anniversary, reflect on both the delicate and hardy aspects of your marriage and your love for one another.


Besides, what is tradition for 1st wedding anniversary?

The traditional 1 year anniversary gift is paper. The modern gift is a clock. Browse both in our first year anniversary gifts collection. We have everything from sweet wall prints that reconfirm your love and commitment to one another to whimsical wall clocks for the kitchen, tool shed, or den.

Similarly, why is the first year anniversary gift paper? According to the blog, Paper Anniversary by Anna V., it is believed that paper is the traditional first anniversary gift because it symbolizes the blank pages on which you write the newest chapter in your life.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the gift for the first year anniversary?

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Anniversary Year Traditional Gift Theme Modern Gift Theme
1 Paper Clocks
2 Cotton China
3 Leather Crystal/Glass
4 Fruit/Flowers (US) Linen; Silk (UK) Appliances (electrical)

What is a paper anniversary gift?

Clock Anniversary Gift Ideas. Tale as old as time! While the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, there’s also a modern option: a clock. Giving your spouse (or a couple) a clock anniversary gift commemorates the year that has passed—and looks ahead to all the years to come.


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