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Why is DNA replication necessary for the continuation of life?

DNA replication is important because without it the new cells that are produced during mitosis or meiosis would eventually die.


Furthermore, why is DNA replication necessary to life?

DNA replication is important because without it, cell division could not occur. With DNA replication, the set of DNA of a cell can be duplicated and then each cell that results from division can have its own entire set of DNA .. and cell division can theoretically continue indefinitely.

Subsequently, question is, why is DNA replication significant for maintaining genetic stability? Answer and Explanation: DNA replication plays a role in maintaining the genetic continuity of species because it makes a perfect copy of DNA for new cells.

Also, what would happen without DNA replication?

If a single cell dies it can be replaced through mitosis. The two daughter cells are identical to the original cell whose DNA was copied. This system works well with single cell and simple organisms. Without replication of the DNA the information would not be passed on and life would cease to exist.

Why is the copying of DNA important?

DNA copying is necessary during reproduction as dna carries genetic information and for an organism to produce its own kind off springs its necessary to copy dna. DNA replication is the way through which a cell makes additional copies of DNA so that they can be transferred to the offspring.


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