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Why is oolong tea called blue tea?

All About Oolong. Oolong, also known as or Wulong and as “Bluetea, is a traditional Chinese (and Taiwanese) tea. It is distinctive because it is partially-oxidised during production making it a tea that is neither a green tea or a black tea but something and many things in between.


Subsequently, one may also ask, why is it called oolong tea?

?) is literally translated as black dragon. So what we call Oolong Tea means Black Dragon Tea. The first theory is that it was first cultivated in the Wuyi Mountains(???) of Fujian Province in China during the Ming Dynasty.

Beside above, what is the flavor of oolong tea? Tasting oolong tea Because oolong tea is oxidized at varying levels depending on the processing technique of the tea master, its flavor can range from light to full bodied, floral to grassy, and sweet to toasty. The color of the leaves and the hue of the brewed tea can also vary from green to golden to brown.

Similarly one may ask, is there another name for oolong tea?

?; pinyin: qīngchá) or “dark green teas“. The name oolong tea came into the English language from the Chinese term wūlóng cha.

Why is oolong tea so good?

Oolong tea may not be as well known as green or black tea, but it has similar health benefits. These include benefits for heart, brain, bone and dental health. In addition, it may boost your metabolism, decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and protect against certain types of cancer.


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