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Why is the Airbus a380 being discontinued?

Airbus to stop production of A380 superjumbo jet. The European aerospace giant to stop making world’s largest passenger plane after 12 years in service due to weak sales. The European aviation giant said on Thursday it would cease production of the airliner after 12 years in service due to weak sales.

Similarly, will the a380 be discontinued?

Airbus announced Thursday it is stopping production of the A380 in 2021 after Emirates canceled dozens of orders. European aerospace behemoth Airbus has announced it will stop building its A380 superjumbo jet after the plane’s biggest customer, Dubai-based Emirates Airline, cut its order by 39 planes.

Similarly, what will replace the Airbus a380? Air France-KLM Group is ordering another 10 Airbus A350-900s, which will be used to replace the company’s Airbus A380 fleet. The aircraft are set to be operated by Air France, which is phasing out its A380s by the end of 2022.

Besides, what happened to the Airbus a380?

In February 2019, Airbus announced it will end the A380 production by 2021, after its main customer, Emirates, agreed to drop an order for 39 of the aircraft, replacing it with 40 A330-900s and 30 A350-900s.

How many a380 have been scrapped?

The dismantling of the two double-deckers — which Singapore Airlines returned after using for 10 years — is already underway at the Tarbes Lourdes airport in southern France. 235 of the passenger carriers have been manufactured and there are currently still 233 of them in use.


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