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Why was Moira tortured?

Offred remembers the time when Moira decided to fake an illness, hoping to escape by bribing one of the men in the ambulance with sex. When she tried it on an Angel, he reported her. The Aunts tortured Moira by beating her feet with steel cables, the punishment for a first offense.


In this regard, what does Moira symbolize in The Handmaid’s Tale?

In Offred’s flashbacks, Moira also embodies female resistance to Gilead. The manner in which she escapes—taking off her clothes and putting on the uniform of an Aunt—symbolizes her rejection of Gilead’s attempt to define her identity.

Also Know, why does Moira think the commander brought offred to the hotel? She thinks he feels powerful. Offred does not want Moira to be like her—resigned to her fate, giving in, indifferent, and concerned only with saving herself and surviving.

Hereof, how did Moira escape the Red Center?

Summary: Chapter 22 Driving back from the birth, Offred remembers Moira’s escape from the Red Center. Moira caused a toilet to overflow, and while Aunt Elizabeth tried to fix it, Moira jabbed a metal object into Aunt Elizabeth’s ribs and forced her into the furnace room.

What did Moira do before Gilead?

Moira, more than most of the characters, has seen so many abrupt changes in her lifestyle in the past two seasons. We see her life before Gilead, as a Handmaid, working in the hotel and escaping to Canada.


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