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Why was the Jubilee River built?

Contents. The Jubilee River scheme was built by the Environment Agency and it opened in 2002. The scheme reduces the risk of flooding to over 3,000 properties in Maidenhead, Windsor, Eton and Cookham. In flood conditions, further water is diverted from the Thames and into the Jubilee River.


Beside this, how much did the Jubilee River cost?

The Environment Agency commissioned the design and construction of the river which cost £110 million. When it was formed, the channel was the most expensive man-made river project undertaken in Britain in monetary terms (i.e. without adjusting for inflation), and the second largest in Europe.

Furthermore, where is the Jubilee River flood channel located? Jubilee River, River Thames. A new 11 km/ 7 mile long flood relief channel that leaves the Thames immediately upstream of Boulters Weir and re-joins the Thames 1 mile downstream of Windsor and Eton.

Considering this, what is the Jubilee River Flood Relief Channel?

The Jubilee River acts as a flood relief channel for the River Thames, allowing water levels to be controlled and diverted from the Thames during times of high flow. Since its construction, the weirs on the Jubilee River have been opened over 30 times to reduce flood risk from the River Thames.

Can you fish on the Jubilee River?

Thread: jubilee river there is no fishing allowed in the area you are talking about. Much of the Jubilee has now been returned to the original landowners [the land not the river itself] so you would be trespassing.


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